Restorative Yoga
November 20 (Wednesday) at 7:15 pm

8 spots left

Tina Crandell
Class length
1 hour
260 Gateway Drive, STE 11-12b Bel Air
Self-care for Adults, Professionals, and Caregivers: Participants will deeply relax using a series of techniques that include gentle movement, restorative postures, and yoga nidra ("sleep yoga"). This is the ideal practice for those seeking a mental and emotional "reset" due to the stress caused by a demanding job, caring for others, or simply overwhelmed by the responsibilities of daily life. This nourishing practice is intended to replenish your energy and remove emotional "clutter"- allowing  space for more mental clarity, perspective, and peace of mind. This is the perfect class to renew the mind, body, and spirit- every week! This practice is intended for all- no prior experience required.

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